SimG, artiste visuel

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Originally from the Beauce region south of Quebec City, Simon Giguère’s innate passion for drawing is what sets him apart from the rest. From an early age, he made an impression on all those around him with his talent and undeniable attention to detail. With an unparalleled imagination as a young boy, he created new worlds through his art. Simon’s natural talent fostered a growing interest and curiousity towards the world of art, and he continued to draw into his adulthood. It was in university that he took an interest in graphic design, a field that allowed him to combine his creativity with technology. He completed his bachelor’s degree while exploring the realm of digital art, which became his signature creations. Simon then began a professional journey towards becoming an art director, where he was able to work on a wide range of creative projects.


At 28 years old, Simon heard the calling of his paintbrushes and picked them up again with more passion than ever. SimG takes acrylic painting to a new level by exploring a style inspired by Simon’s background in graphic design. His bold style with mixed techniques has produced artwork that is modern and innovative, with a hint of classical influences. Out of his studio, you will find textured pieces featuring bright palettes, where his subjects are deconstructed harmoniously into geometric shapes. SimG draws  its greatest inspirations from music, urban culture, travel and ethnic portraits to create series that are authentic and diverse.